As a client of GZM Web, you’re aware that you can always access your web site and add new text or upload a new image.  And we want you to keep doing that.  But we also know that you may need something more, and that’s why we’re offering the Monthly Development Package.  With the Monthly Development Package, you can have all the expert help you need for one low monthly price.  Our design team can add graphics, video, or content-specific pages to your website.  Our professional writer can create original and informative text.  Our programmers can add or replace images with search-engine-optimized files that help your company appear higher on a list of searches. 

Current GZM Web customers who have already signed up for the monthly development package are even using this service to have additional marketing materials created for them such as magazine advertisements.  Why hire additional staff to produce advertising when GZM Web is already familiar with your company’s image, style, and web presence?  You’ll receive the benefits of convenience, time savings, and confidence by working with your web design team whenever you wish.  As noted in the article, “Maximizing Sales using your Website,” we can link your website to your Twitter account or Facebook fan page—or to any other social media sites which you currently use.  As a special introductory offer, we’ll be offering the first month at a reduced price if you sign up for service during the month of July.  Call us at 1-800-505-7998 to sign up for the Monthly Development Package.


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