Automating Backup Tasks Remotely with PHP and PECL SSH2 extension

Sometimes you need to migrate a site between two servers. This article provides advice about which steps a server migration procedure should follow to prevent the problems that may happen.

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eAccelerator PHP Accelerator

Implementing a PHP accelerator like eAccelerator should yield noticeable speed improvements and give you the ability to use memory as a data store.

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Introduction to Web Caching

Intelligent caching can dramatically decrease server load and increase website responsiveness. This article introduces caching and highlights some best practices using Apache and PHP.

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Quickly importing data from CSV file into PHP applications

In this article you may learn how to quickly import data from CSV files into your application with help of PHP.

It also covers a tool that provides a Web based user interface for importing CSV data into a MySQL database table with support for mapping CSV columns into arbitrary MySQL database table columns.

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What is Microsoft up to with PHP?

Microsoft has been participating in several initiatives that benefit PHP. This post talks about such initiatives.

It includes an interview with an Microsoft Open Source Labs leader, and a review of a what happened at summit that Microsoft organized in their headquarters in Redmond with several influential PHP community people.

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