At GZM Web, we treat each client from the smallest to the largest as our most important. Every job we do MUST be perfect. We don't just finish the job - we love the job!
Benjamin Miller
GZM Web, a contract programming company, only does contract programming.  We provide no other services to clients other than contract programming.  We retain no rights in tangible property (programs / software / designs) as this right is ALWAYS retained by our clients.  This is a great benefit of choosing our company!  Clients retain the right to sell or license software that we create for them! 

We develop

The Internet provides new opportunities for any individual or company in the world. We use the most popular and widely distributed technologies.  Whether you need a custom oil and gas program or a mobile phone custom application, we will create the perfect program for you!

We design

Professional design is your key to success.  Your design will be one of a kind, designed specifically for your business.  Please click here to download a PDF showing various designs we have created for clients.



We promote

Once you have a website, you need to get people to it. Web marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help drive new visitors to your site and increase the number of sales/leads your business gets.  In addition to SEO we can assist with numerous other strategies to help achieve your goals.


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